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3 months ago
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Should I put links to the films I have created in the Additional Information section on the Common App?

I'm applying as a film and media studies, wrote my common application about filmmaking, and a lot of my extracurriculars are about my filmmaking experience. Should I put the links to my films in the additional information section on the Common App or would that be too redundant? For example, should I add links to my LinkedIn and YouTube Channel where a lot of my films are posted? Or would this hurt my chances, because I saw a post saying that being redunant can make AO's frustrated with your application.


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1 answer

3 months ago

Many applications have a spot for a portfolio submission. If the ones you're applying to have one, it would probably be better to put it there. Otherwise, demonstrating your talent should not hurt you. Redundancy isn't good, but if you're applying to a film program it looks good to show you have experience and talent.


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