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What is the best way to organize your academic record history?

Does anyone have a "system" where we could tally all experiences that will showcase our child's versatile offerings?

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2 years ago

You can either do it inexpensive way or the expensive way.

The costly way is to hire a college admissions consultant and give them a file to organize and own the responsibility until your kid is ready to apply.

The inexpensive way is to sharpen your spreadsheet skills and make a spreadsheet for grades, one for ECs, one for stats, one for awards.

By the time your kid gets to 9th or 10th grade, your school should have a Naviance account or something similar. On there you can transfer all the data points and it gets loaded to the cloud. Once your kid starts accumulating test scores it auto loads there from your HS counselor (e.g PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT II Subject Tests, and AP or IB scores)

By 10th or 11th, you can start filling out and saving your kid's Coalition app file (as a read-only PDF) and uploading things like transcripts, awards, etc. to something called the locker which is a repository of all their supporting information. Unique to the coalition app, is this locker feature which is not on the common app.

Most portals like college vine have very light profile sections because they are not a replacement for a private counselor online, I believe you can hire CV directly but I don't know what the hourly or package rate is. Keep in mind you get what you pay for in most cases and you should select a consultant that is a good fit for your kid. If he/she is always in the 95-99% percentile for testing, grades etc and you have the means to pay, then hiring a $500 per hour coach might be very useful. Otherwise, opt for a package deal so the cost is spread out and the objectives are generalized as well. So you might get some personalized input on how to plan for a better transcript, how to write better essays, ACT/SAT coaching, and other key tips.


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