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Will removing a completed application for a school on the Common App affect anything?

Once I submit an application to a school on the Common App, can I remove that school from my list? I am considering adding a couple more schools to my list but the limit on the application portal is 20 schools at a time. Will removing a completed application mess up anything? Will it affect the financial aid portion of my accounts (FAFSA/CSS)? My parents haven’t started either of those yet.


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Hi @kji4!

From Common App: "An applicant cannot remove a college from their my colleges list after the application has been submitted to that college."

Coalition App is the second most popular alternative that you can use. One caveat is that it doesn't have as many schools as Common App. Other notable differences are Only 8 activities allowed and Larger character limits for the activities section. You'll probably be able to fit your Common App essay into one of the Coalition Essay prompts.

Additionally, you can use ApplyTexas for colleges in TX and the UC application for the University of California system. Also, check for schools' own applications.

If you haven't applied to all schools on your Common App, verify whether the schools are available on other applications. Then, decide which application you want to use for which school.

Although you won't be able to remove completed applications, even if you had been able to do so, it wouldn't have affected your financial aid because FAFSA and CSS profile are separate from your Common App.

Hope this helps!

a year ago

Since you have submitted an application or paid an application fee, you are unable to remove that college from your My Colleges list. But you can apply through the school's website. Also, you should complete the Fafsa and CSS profile as soon as possible.

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