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3 months ago
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Should I take the ACT?

Hi! I just want an opinion from anyone out there whether I should take the ACT... I'm not sure what to do because it's Junior year and I'm also in AP classes so I have to prepare for those exams as well. I have done no prep for it and I'll have to take it in April (more than likely).

I took the December 3rd SAT and got a 1390 (EVBRW - 670 | Math - 720).

I have an unweighted GPA of 98.088 and a weighted 102.

Colleges = University of Washington, University of Stony Brook, SUNY University at Buffalo, SUNY University at Albany, Hofstra.

Degree/program = Pre-Med

APs - APWH (5), AP Eng. Lang (May), APUSH (May), AP Physics 1 (not taking).

Pretty strong extracurriculars.

Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it. If you need more info let me know.


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2 answers

Accepted Answer
3 months ago

With your college list, I don't think it matters much and you have a good SAT score for those schools. I'm curious about why UofWashington because they don't have good financial aid for out of state. I'm assuming you are New Yorker. Or are you in WA, trying to apply to State Schools in NY? Have I got it backward?

3 months ago

You don't really have to, this is very strong, although you may want to try for a 31-32 if you decide to take the ACT.


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