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How does Online Dual Credit work?

My GPA is low (2.8) and I am trying to load down on courses to raise it to at least a 3.5. Dual Credit and AP classes weigh more than normal classes so I was looking through my school's offering for these types of classes and I spotted that a lot are online. Does this mean I can take more than eight classes in my Senior year? through online DC courses? Like, will I have 8 classes in person then 4 online (my school's credit limit is at 12 hours per school year)? Or will I still be limited to eight?


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4 years ago

Hi there. It is an admirable goal that you are trying so hard to bring your GPA up, I would just like to say that I am not completely knowledgeable in this topic, but I'm going off of my own experience with online classes, and even my own experience is limited.

First, check out this blog:


It does say that some states require you to have a GPA over 3.0, but your state may be different. Based on this, you may not be eligible for dual credit classes, so you should consider perhaps taking an AP in a subject you consider to be your strong suit. My school also allows us to take classes online that are not dual credit, but you can take an AP outside of school on your own time, and if you do well it will impact your GPA positively. May I also ask, is the GPA you provided above your weighted or unweighted GPA? Thanks!

I hoped that was helpful, and please don't hesitate to reach out with further questions! Good luck with everything!

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