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Should I submit a 1470 SAT?

I am an international applicant so I have heard that SATs have more weight with our applications since we have international qualifications (I do A Levels/Cambridge).

My profile/essays also seem decent (deferred from Harvard in EA, so I assume they weren't lacking too much).

However I have only done one SAT since they're offered very infrequently in my country. I got my result back and it's a 1470 (750 Reading/Writing, 720 Math). This was lower than what I was expecting/what I'd been getting in practices. The next SAT available is in March which may be too late.

I'm mainly applying to Ivies or top 10 since I would only study in the US if I got into one of those.

Should I still submit my SAT score? It's mandatory for some schools (I'm also applying to MIT but doubt I'll get in with this Math score) but for the SAT-optional ones, will it improve or hurt my chances?


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a year ago

Applying with 1470 is not going to hurt your chances at any college you apply to. Rather, not submitting 1470 will hurt you more.

I don't know your reasons for only focusing on top 10 colleges because these are hard reaches for every International Student and the chances of getting into T10 schools are between 3-6%.

I would consider applying to these schools because they give great financial aid to international students. Average aid to those applying for financial assistance is all at least the cost of tuition at these schools. And up to a full ride if you are low-income.

-Amherst College, MA

-Skidmore College, NY

-Wesleyan University, CT

-Haverford College, PA

-Vassar College, NY

-Williams College, MA

-Washington & Lee College, VA

-Georgetown University, Wash DC

-Trinity College, CT

-Swarthmore College, PA

-Colgate University, NY

-Hamilton College, NY

-Middlebury College, VT

-Tufts University, MA

And if you are female if would apply to

-Wellesley College, MA

-Barnard College, NY

-Smith College, MA

Good Luck.

a year ago

I recommend submitting your SAT score to all of the schools you are applying to. Submitting your test scores will benefit you more than it harms you if your scores are at least close to the average score of accepted students. Your 1470 will indeed be close to the average scores at Top 10 universities, so it is worth submitting.

Hope this helps!

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