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How can I improve my extracurriculars?

I'm a sophomore and I'm worried my extracurriculars are too weak. Not sure what I want to do in college, probably something humanities/social science/political science related. I obviously have no idea where I want to go, but I want to be competitive so I can have a wide (hopefully prestigious) variety to choose from when the time comes. I didn't do clubs my freshman year, and this year I started AASA, Photo, and Beta. I realized I have no interest in the first 2, so I won't be returning. Beta is the only one I'm committed to or have real involvement in so far. Maybe I'll become an officer next year? I'll try some new clubs next year, maybe Art and Lit Mag and a couple others. I'm regretting not getting involved earlier since I only have 2 years to really get into new ones.

I play violin in my school orchestra in the 2nd best group out of 5. I'm happy where I'm at, but I'm afraid it's unimpressive. I go to a Japanese Saturday school (it's for fluent and literate Japanese kids, like regular school in Japan but on Saturdays) which I've been going to most of my life, and I plan on graduating high school from. I did STUCO at Japanese school last year and plan on doing it next year. Not sure how this school would fit in the extracurricular line up, what do you think? I like writing essays, so I'm thinking about starting a blog. I started taking a theatre class outside of school this year just for fun as well. I'm involved in writing the script for our showcase program. I'm always open to extra volunteering or internships, especially over the summer!

So based on what I've written, what would you suggest I do in the coming years to improve? It doesn't have to be related to school clubs, I would love tips for personal projects, initiatives, volunteering, or outside activities too. Thanks!


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2 years ago

Hey there! I answered your question about summer activities a second ago, and would highly recommend this post I linked for more info on improving your ECs: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-improve-your-extracurriculars-junior-and-senior-year/

Becoming an officer in Beta Club is definitely a good way to develop that EC. Gaining a leadership role in an existing EC is a traditional way to improve your EC, but you can also improve it through leadership by action. This is where you assume a leadership role in an organic way, like suggesting the development of a training course for new club members, and overseeing its development. The above article has a great explanation and example of leadership by action - it's really a great way to improve any EC.

For orchestra, you could try to get involved in more selective groups. There are usually youth orchestras in each city that are audition-based, and the music education association of your state should also have selective region orchestras (you can also get into the state orchestra if your audition puts you in an eligible seat).

Student council is a great way to show leadership, and if you enjoy it, then definitely continue it. To develop it even more, you could consider taking on a bigger role (like VP if you're a rep), or overseeing a special project. I already answered your question about the blog, so you know my advice there :)

Hope this helps, and don't worry about being limited on time! You still have your sophomore spring, the summer after, and another year before you have to apply to college. That's plenty of time to do lots of great things!

2 years ago

try dropping the ECs which has no interest for you

then think about whether there is any job/internships in the humanties field near you

try to focus in on a few things like theatre if its just very "its Okay" drop it

if your school offers it debate is great for you 3 intended fieelds

its still very good


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