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How heavy do colleges consider extra curriculars?


My SAT & ACT score isn't the highest, and my GPA isn't that high either. My SAT & ACT scores, as well as GPA is very mediocre, as a matter of fact, it's slightly above average. But I take IB level courses, and my grades are decent. The aspect that stands out as, "Excellent" on my Collegevine portfolio is my extra curriculars. According to collegevine, all the schools I plan on applying to, it's regarded as a safety school and my chances are so high. I find that suspicious, and I'm asking for clarification. The schools I am looking at are, Florida State University (FSU), University of Central Florida (UCF), Florida Agricultural & Mechanics University (FAMU).


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Each college considers ECs differently there is no rule of thumb answer. If you want to understand exactly how much they count at the schools you are applying to go the Common Data Set for each college and look at the Criteria Matrix on schedule C. Admissions data. There you will find a matrix for that school that puts an individual weight on each of criteria like GPA, Rank, Rigor, ECs, etc. I forget the categories of weight but they are like Most Important, Important, Consider, Not Considered. How you use the data is up to you. Some people put their own weights like 3x, 2x, 1 x, and Zero and figure out in a spreadsheet where they stand for that school. That would be the most accurate and analytical way to see how your credentials match up to a school. Good Luck.

Usually ECs at holistic schools are 15-35% but usallly 25-30% are how much it’s evaluated but if your academics essay are stellar but ECs are lacking you can probably get in. Hope this explains it if not comment and I can clarify
Poppycock stats since none of the top 100 schools publish that data.
I’m basing this on what supertutor tv YT channel says there is no magic formula but that is what is estimated
The Common Data Set is great for looking at individual policies, but @DebaterMAX gives a good estimate. At CollegeVine, we also estimate that ECs account for 30% of the application at top 250 schools. This is just a general guideline of course, and will vary. At state schools, for instance, ECs and essays are less important and academics are often the deciding factor. At selective private schools, ECs matter a lot, as most applicants are academically-qualified.