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what ecs are worth it?

im a 10th grade student and am hoping to apply to some top colleges (engineering or premed/research, still figuring it out). i have a handful of clubs im in and am on the board in one, but how can i make my ecs stand out, in and out of school?

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Hey there, current senior here. What I've realized during the application process is that subject and commitment are two of the most important factors concerning extracurriculars. If you are interested in engineering or science, participate in extracurriculars that reflect that! Colleges will see right through you if you're only participating in activities like key club and NHS to make your application look better. Get involved in any clubs that are math/science related that your school offers. You're only in 10th grade, so there's still plenty of time. If you join now, your applications will reflect your commitment to your extracurriculars and interests (assuming you stick with them until you graduate). I am also interested in research, and what really helped me was applying for internships. Summer research opportunities at colleges look great if that's an option for you. Otherwise, there are plenty of internship opportunities online or (hopefully) around your local area. If you're able to, conduct your own research and enter it into competitions like SEF. This doesn't have to be extravagant work by any means, but it's good to get your work involved in competitions, even if they're small. I know SEF has some smaller regional competitions which may be an option. In short, just make sure to pick extracurriculars related to your actual interests and make sure to stick with them. Good luck!

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