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Applying to NYU, 32 ACT. Test Optional?

I recently took my very last chance at standardized test scores before my last applications are due. I did the ACT and felt very confident about my score. I just got them back today and sadly found I scored a 32. My 27 math score heavily weighed down my average, but otherwise I was very happy with my scores in other subjects.

NYU is my dream school and with this score I fall at about their 50th percentile on ACT. I'm worried that my low math score might deter admissions and highlight the fact that I didn't even take a math class in my senior year. I am applying to the art school, though, so I might be heavily overthinking things.

My question is essentially; should I submit my ACT, should I go test optional, or maybe even submit my ACT with my math section score of the only SAT that I took (a 670)? It's worth noting that my SAT falls on the 25th percentile, so I don't feel like submitting it. Thanks for any advice!

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a year ago

Hi @jr627!

A 32 ACT is a good score for NYU. Since you're applying to the art school, the admissions officers wouldn't be overly concerned with your math section score. I'm not sure if you know or not, but NYU allows superscoring, which means you can take the highest ACT section scores from different test dates (if you've given multiple attempts) and use them to get the best composite score.

For the Tisch School of Arts, what matters most is your portfolio/audition.

Hope this helps!

a year ago

I am not an expert. But I would say that if your GPA is high, there is no need. But also you are applying to the art school so I do not think it has as much weight as it would for a regular student. Overall I would just say go with your gut on this.

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