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What do i major in?

I am a sophmore currently. I am debating on what I should major but I am not really sure what to do. I don't know if I should pursure something in business or possibly psychology. However, chemistry or math is not my strongest subject. I am good at writing and expressing myself on paper and analyzing things. I still however want a job with a stable income. Any suggestions? Also what are some extracurriculars that stand out for business or psych majors. Right now I am taking science research.

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Depends, I would recommend just listening to a hour long basic college lecture on something you're into and see if you want to hear more about it. If you finish the lecture and you don't really feel a connection with the subject then you most likely should not pursue it. Take your time it's only your sophomore year and you shouldn't rush into a major you don't like in the future. EDIT: I don't really know any ecs that are good for pysch but for business maybe just getting a job will be good.

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As @Anonymous123 mentioned,

Majoring in business while minoring in psychology would be a good idea if you are looking for a stable job. As someone who is also considering something similar ( might major in comp sci while minor in business). If you wish to strengthen your weakness in chemistry and math you can attempt doing so by taking free courses from edx.org, coursera.org, and khanacademy.org, keep in mind there are a lot of other options to pick from.

Hope this helps !!

Good luck !!

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Hi @lori!

Try majoring in business with a minor in psychology or vice versa in order to get a stable job. A business major alone will suffice but will involve more math than a psychology major. Not sure if just a psychology major alone will give you a stable job with a stable income.

For business, you can get involved in business-related clubs (economics, entrepreneurship, investment, etc.) at your high school, and for psychology, you can volunteer at places where there are people with psychological issues, take online courses to learn more, and get involved in psychological research.

Hope this helps!

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