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Submit SAT or not?

I have a super score of 1380 and I am applying to Harvey Mudd (test optional) that has an SAT range of 1490-1570. Should I submit my SAT score where do I draw the line for submitting and not submitting. What average school sat range should I not submit to?


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According to this Fall 2022 report the Class of '22 had a 1480-1560 middle 50% range. https://www.hmc.edu/institutional-research/wp-content/uploads/sites/42/2022/11/2022-Facts-and-Figures.pdf

I would draw the line at 1480 because that means 75% of the admitted class had a 1480 and above. And according to the 21-22 CDS, only 4% of Mudd admits had a composite SAT score between 1200-1399, so 96% had 1400-1600. This alone puts you at a great disadvantage for submitting your 1380 to Harvey Mudd.

If you want to repeat what I did for any school first try to find the School Profile for the most recently admitted class. Then search for the latest Common Data Set and look at Section C9.


So make a list of all the colleges you are applying to in a spreadsheet and then research the middle 50% SAT for each of those colleges. I would only submit your 1380 if you it is equal to or greater than the 25% percentile SAT score for admits from that college.

It gets more complicated if you are hooked applicants like Black, LatinA or Indigenous because typically these marginalized groups score 150 points lower on SAT composites. So if you are a member of either of these 3 groups, submitting 1380 is perfectly within the range of the expected SAT outcomes for these groups. So basically you can submit 1380 to any college if you identify as a member of one or more of these groups.

Hope this makes sense to you.

a year ago

Hi @BRL10!

You should apply test-optional to have better chances of getting in. There's no hard and fast rule for drawing a line between submitting and not submitting. Generally, any score below the 25th percentile isn't really helpful, a score between the 25th and 75th percentile may or may not help, and a score above the 75th percentile for the school will increase your chances. However, if you're an underrepresented minority, a 25th percentile score might be considered more favorable than a privileged applicant with a 50th percentile score, so it's really subjective.

Hope this helps!

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