2 years ago
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Does it look bad if an internship is only a month or two long?


I’m a junior and I am planning on completing two internships this coming summer. These internships are for fairly high-profile companies, but would only be for around 4-6 weeks each. Is this considered too short of an internship for schools like Harvard, CMU, MIT, BU, etc.? Even if I had a small role in a project implemented by the company?

Also, will it look bad that I am doing both these internships in the same summer? I don’t want colleges to think I am squeezing them in just to get into college.

Thank you!


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2 years ago

Hi @amallios!

If 4-6 weeks is the typical length of the internship that you're going to complete in summer, then it won't be considered too short. I know there are much longer internships that last for months, but those are mostly for college students (graduate students to be precise) because they can give that kind of time and they have that level of knowledge. No college expects you to have a significant role in a company project as a high school junior; your main purpose, for now, should be acquiring knowledge and learning new skills during your internship. Doing both internships in the same summer isn't an issue, but doing internships in the summer right before applying can be perceived ambivalently by admissions officers. However, it's still worth going for both because internships aren't meant to amplify your admissions chances; they're meant to give you experience in a real-world setting.

Hope this helps!

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