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Should Romanized Words be Italicized or in Quotation Marks?

Hi! I have encountered a problem with the Common App essay. I tried inputting a foreign language and it would appear as question marks on Common App. So, I decided to use the romanized version of the foreign language. I know foreign language words should be italicized but should the romanized words be as well or in quotation marks? Ex: Śuṁ śērōnā bhāvamāṁ vadhārō thayō chē

I was so ready to submit all of my applications too. Thanks!!


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3 months ago[edited]

Hi @DarkShadow!

As this is a statement from your parent(s) that you'll be quoting on your application, there's no harm in placing it under double quotation marks just like you would when mentioning someone's speech in an academic essay. For emphasizing another language, italicizing would be a good idea, so I suggest you use both together.

Hope this helps!


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