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3 months ago
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Should there be a Question Mark?

Hello! I am confused on a grammar rule here if someone could quickly help me out. I have a statement in my Common App Essay where it goes "blah blah romanized words," or "blah blah English translation?" somebody said something.

My question is should there be a question mark where the comma is in the "romanized words" quotation instead of the comma or keep the comma and keep the question mark in the "English translation" part of the quotation?

I am so close to finishing my college apps I would really appreciate your help so I can finally submit them. Thanks!


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1 answer

3 months ago

Hi @DarkShadow!

Since the speaker is asking a question about share prices, there should be a question mark in both versions. Since you're only able to enter the English translation in Common App, I don't think that's a problem now.

Hope this helps!


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