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3 months ago
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Hi, If the universities im applying to have an SAT range of 1420-1500 or 1430-1560. And I have a SAT score of 1430 should I go SAT optional?

@Carla223 months ago [edited]

Hi @Shahzaib! If that’s the range then that means you are in a good position colleges usually wanna make sure you are good enough for them academically. So a high SAT score will help you in the competition but if it’s not that’s fine it will still show that you in their academic expectations going test optional will put more weight on your gpa and APs and other stuff having back up would be good.

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Accepted Answer
3 months ago

Hi @Shahzaib!

You're at the 25th percentile, so you should submit the score.

Hope this helps!

3 months ago[edited]

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