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3 months ago
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Should I Submit 1500 SAT To Ivy Leagues?

Essentially I have a 1500 SAT, 790 in math, and 710 in English. I am a first-generation Asian majoring in comp-sci. So should I apply test-optional to Ivy Leagues?


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Accepted Answer
3 months ago[edited]

Honestly, I think it's a coin toss if you should or should not because you have a borderline score for your demographic. I don't think you will get rejected because of 1500 which weighted more for math because let's face it most Asians applying to Ivys have 770-800 on the Math side and anywhere between 700-770 on the EBRW side. (Many get 1580-1600)

If you get rejected from an Ivy it will have more to do with the things you did outside of grades, course rigor, and test scores. The 4 things that most Asians get rejected for are the following IMO:

-Affirmative action policies which are heavily weighted against you in favor of BIPOC or marginalized folk.

-Not having excellent interviews and memorable essays. And I think this is more a cultural issue with First Gen applicants. And this affects your personal rating at Ivies.

-Not having an impressive "Spike" narrative to wow their admissions reader to consider their unique talent and skill.

-Not having clear evidence of Intellectual Vitality or Intellectual curiosity outside of the classroom and school clubs and activities. So this has to do with learning things that are not in your core curricula but for the sake of your own desire to acquire knowledge. E.G. taking Astrophysics classes because you are really into that.

So it's perfectly fine to submit a 1500 but also apply to other schools that you can see yourself thriving and being happy at to hedge your bets.

Good luck.

3 months ago

Although the score is considered normal for your demographic in Ivy Leagues, you have some leeway with the score because you're a first-generation student. As @CameronBameron has mentioned and elucidated, your SAT score won't be a reason for rejection. Nothing wrong with submitting.

Hope this helps!

3 months ago

Hey there @elvxn!

A 1500 is a very good/competitive SAT score. The average SAT score for an Ivy League school is between a 1450 and a 1600, and the average scores for your demographic (first generation, Asian) are on the higher end. If the rest of your application is very good (like you have good ECs, GPA, class rank, and ACT score if you're submitting that), then I don't think a 1500 will discourage Ivy Leagues from admitting you. It's difficult to say for sure, as many 'perfect' students still get rejected from elite schools, but if you have strong resume otherwise, I would submit it. Really it's up to you.

Good luck!

3 months ago

imo, no. For your demographic, its below average for these schools.


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