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What extra curriculars look good for the UNC's School of education

Hi, I want to apply to the school of education. I have a weighted GPA of 4.4 and a SAT score of 1590 and ACT of 33. I have pretty standard extracurriculars but none of them really stand out to the program I want to apply to. Does anyone know what I can take to stand out more.

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2 years ago

I think you can try expanding more on your current extracurriculars since you’re still a junior. For example: If you’ve been a member of a club for a long time, try applying as an officer for a leadership position. If you’re interested in art or music or dance, try entering competitions or use social media to showcase your talent/interest. Try applying for research programs, internships, part time jobs, etc. over the summer (All 3 of these stand out a lot). I think trying to develop on your current extracurriculars will show more commitment and interest than trying to start random ones just for the sake of it. Try to find a spike among your extracurriculars as well.

2 years ago

Hi @Makenzie.Jayla!

Some extracurriculars (ECs) that can help are tutoring, volunteering at camps, leadership in clubs at your school, and public speaking. There isn't any unique EC that can make you stand out; most applicants will have ECs similar to yours. If you want to prove yourself as a great candidate, you'll need to show greater time commitment and more achievements than others. If you feel your ECs are average, (even after trying your best) you have one more opportunity: essays. Essays are a part of the application where you have the highest chance of being unique. Use this to your advantage. Refer to various sources on Google for tips and how to avoid common errors in application essays.

Hope this helps!

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