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3 months ago
Admissions Advice

Who do you admire?

For one of my college applications, I have to write a letter to scholar, artist, scientist, activist, etc. that I admire. To get some inspiration, I figured I would see what you all thought.


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2 answers

Accepted Answer
3 months ago

Hi @katie-t!

It's a matter of opinion. Role models don't necessarily have to be in your field of interest. You might be an aspiring author who admires Michael Jordan or you might be an aspiring author who admires George Washington. The people I mentioned are commonly referred to in such "role-model" type essays. The issue with them is, you probably don't have anything different to say about these people than any other applicant.

Who you admire doesn't have to be someone famous; you can talk about a common person. Admissions officers will be more concerned about WHY you admire XYZ, NOT WHO you admire. What impact has the person had on your life? How? These are some questions you should ask yourself.

Hope this helps!

3 months ago

im a poc from a colonized nation I admire the president nkrumah who brought us into freedom and independence


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