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3 months ago
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How can I find colleges that give aid for international students?

I've been using the College Vine chancing to create a more accurate college list since acceptance rates for international students are much lower than the usual. However, I also need to apply for financial aid, and need to find colleges that give financial aid for international students. I don't know if that's possible in college vine and just wanted to know if that option was available.

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Accepted Answer
3 months ago[edited]

Heyyy, there are colleges that meet 100% of demonstrated need for domestic and international students, this article has a full list + explanation of how these aids work!


There are other colleges that offer full ride/tuition for intl students through scholarships, but you would have to do some research, i don’t think college vine helps you with that, but i believe the website niche does!

3 months ago

Hey, college vine does not have an option for that as far as I know. Instead trying searching on google and taking help from youtube videos. From what I know some colleges like MIT and Yale are need-blind for international students too so I recommend you apply there and other colleges like UChicago and other top colleges that meet 100 demonstrated need for international students. Hope this helped!


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