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Can this extracurricular be considered 3?

Hello! Ok so basically i have this internship which would be one of my extracurriculars right, but this job has a few different tasks that might be smarter to divide them into 3 since they are all pretty relevant. The tasks are:

1. I host their podcast, I’ve recorded around 20 podcasts this year (one podcast a week/6 hours a week)

2. It’s an english school and so far they were using the oxford material for classes but they decided to created their own, and I am in charge of writing the material+creating new exercises etc (3 other girls help me) plus i am the only one working on creating the layout since I have design experience.(15 books in total, being 5 student books, 5 work books and 5 teacher’s book/10 hours a week)

3. I also write academic articles for their blog, teaching different subjects, creating exercises and writing about relevant subjects, such as Halloween, Christmas, etc.. (one article a week/ 3-4 hours a week)

I also do some smaller tasks such as taking care of their social media+creating content for it. Whenever they need something related to design they ask for me (Christmas cards for students, free ebooks for leads, etc…), i recently got a more active participation with their marketing team as well.

The thing is that I only have one space left on my common app for extracurriculars, so just makes me think if its even worth it, or if i should delete my weakest extra (dance /3 years) and put one of these instead.

Anyways, thats my question, what do you think i should do? Keep just “internship“ or divide into 3/4?

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a year ago

I wouldn't divide it into 3, maybe 2 max with one being 'Social Media' and including tasks 1 and 3 combined. Taking up 3 of your application slots is risky- it leaves very little room for other activities and may make your EC profile less diverse and well-rounded. 2 slots will allow you to explain the different aspects while also leaving room to showcase other facets of you as an individual. I think 3 years of dance is definitely something you should keep since it shows physical activity as well as lots of dedication!

Hope this helps and good luck with your apps!

a year ago

I recommend listing all of these roles under one EC space. If you need extra space to explain your responsibilities, you can write about them in the Additional Information section or an optional resume. Hope this helps!

a year ago


You list EC's by name/organization and not by each individual task. Even if you have multiple tasks, if it all falls under the same internship it will be 1 EC.

DO however, list each of your tasks with separate bullet points on your resume and EC list.

Hope this helps!

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