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3 months ago
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Scholarship for international students

Helloo, do you guys have a Scholarship for international students that can't afford with your taxes? A merit or need Scholarship? Something like that.

I have so much interest on your college but I'm afraid I can't get this all money to pay for it.

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@Anonymous1233 months ago

CollegeVine is not a college. If you're applying to colleges in the US and need scholarships, you can go through the sites mentioned by @AdaH. You'll find additional sites on Google.

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3 months ago

Hey there @Raissa_Bacarin17!

I'm from the US, so I don't know all that much about the procedure for finding scholarships for international students, but I've found a few lists on the internet:





Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, I hope you find a scholarship and are able to study in the US. Good luck!


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