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3 months ago
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Admirable Figure Essay Question

Hey guys! I am writing an essay to a figure I admire (scholar, scientist, advocate, policymaker, etc.) for a particular application. I want to write about Hank and John Green, specifically for their work in advocacy and education, but I feel like they are too much of "internet celebrities" for me to write about them. I also admire Paul Kalanithi (who wrote When Breath Becomes Air), which could also work, but he wasn't my initial choice to write to (plus, he's no longer living). Any advice?


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3 months ago

Hi @katie-t!

There's nothing wrong in writing about John or Hank Green. The caveat is you can't write about both of them. You have to pick one. Crash Course is a really great educational venture and it has been helping millions of students. The admirable figure you're writing about doesn't have to be alive, so you can write about Paul Kalanithi if you want to. However, it'll be harder for you to write about someone who wasn't your first choice. Although the Green brothers are popular, I don't think writing about any one of them will lower your chances.

Hope this helps!


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