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Should I go to UF or UCF?

Hello there! Future Music Education (Choral) major in the process of deciding between UF and UCF. I haven't received a decision for UF yet, but I have been accepted to UCF. In addition, I'm set to receive my AA degree from a Florida State College right as I graduate high school.

I'm torn between both schools, they're my Top 2. UF is my official "dream school," me and my family's favorite sports team, and it's the school I've wanted to go to since I was young. However, as I've looked up things at UF like class schedules, housing and the choral program, it's lost some of its glamour that it initially had when I began thinking about college. For example, at UF, a decent share of my classes would start at 7:25 and 8:30 AM, while at UCF, a majority of my classes begin no earlier than 8:30 AM. I'm the farthest thing from a morning person so this whole "class schedule" thing means a lot.

In addition, UCF has a great choral program. Their first choir director won the GRAMMY Music Educator Award, while their second choir director is the recent President of the Florida ACDA. I haven't heard much about UF's choir director, nor was I impressed with him when I visited UF in January of 2022. Aside from one professor, UF's School of Music was a bit of a letdown.

My four biggest main factors for choosing a college are Campus Atmosphere, Dining, Housing and the School of Music.

I love UF and the Gators, and it's been my "dream school" since I can remember. UCF has a great choral program and aside from a VERY large campus and student population, the school doesn't have many drawbacks. I just don't know which school is the best fit for me, and I'm torn between choosing my "dream school" or choosing to work with top-tier choral directors.

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I think that UCF sounds like the best fit for you. The better music program and class scheduling options are both major benefits, and it offers less drawbacks than UF. If you attend UCF and love it, it will quickly become your new dream school. Hope this helps!

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