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Help! Teacher subjects for LORs!

I recently found out that colleges typically prefer one STEM and one humanities teacher for LORs. I already asked my mathematics and computer science teachers as letters of recommendations and sent them out to several schools. Is foreign language is a subject that I can ask from instead and should I? I have a French teacher that I can ask from, but the problem is that she has been teaching me in private school instead of my normal day school. The courses she taught me are still on my transcript, but it shows that it was a private school course. Will this be bad for colleges to see? I submitted an application to Harvard already, will it matter to them if my LORs are math and cs? I also plan on applying to Barnard, would math and cs be okay to them or should I ask my French teacher instead? I know they want two core subjects, but I am not sure if cs is a core subject. Please let me know what to do!!

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Hi @peach_emily!

No, a letter of recommendation from a teacher teaching a private school course wouldn't have been seen as bad.

Ask two teachers in different academic subjects who know you well to complete the Teacher Evaluation forms. (From Harvard's website) No more specifications have been given, so you're okay.

I don't think there's enough time left for your French teacher to write a letter for you, so just go with what you have. Computer science should count as a core subject.

Hope this helps!

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