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Should I put Girls State on my college apps even though it was cancelled due to COVID-19, so I was unable to attend?

Rising senior - I know that it is a great/competitive program, but I don't know if I should put it on my apps since I didn't actually get to go and have the experience. Also, where should I put it on my apps (honors, ECs, etc.)?

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a year ago

I'd recommend putting that you were accepted but it was canceled in the COVID question. Clearly this was out of your control, but you still deserve credit for being admitted.

a year ago

So I gave the same advice to someone who got into a NY times program. It is not recommended as you did not do anything it’s like getting a scholarship to study abroad. Congrats on the scholarship but you have not gotten anything out of it.

ECs are about what you get out of it you don’t gain any knowledge about submitting an application and getting accepted.


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