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2 months ago
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Essay review

Hey guys, does anyone has a Grammar premium account I could barrow to perfect my essay please? Or maybe I could send my essay to u and u do it for me ? Thanks in advance it would mean a lot

@Kaiand2 months ago

i have it bike race

@amagi8928 days ago [edited]

what is your advice? geometry dash

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2 answers

25 days ago

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2 months ago

Hi @Britnieashleyb!

Grammarly Premium will eliminate all sorts of grammatical errors and will also help you maintain a certain tone, but a score of 100 on Grammarly doesn't mean that your essay perfectly serves the purpose. It won't give you an analysis of the quality of your content, which is the most important thing in your essay. Do get your essay reviewed by actual humans who are knowledgeable about the application process.

Hope this helps!


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