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How do I self report courses and grades as an International Advanced Level student?

I am a little confused - how many credits should I select for each AS subject and each A2 subject?

Also do I report my grades according to the units or subjects (there are 3 units each for my subjects)?

And do I just report my final grade I received from the examination center, or should I report the grades from the school term tests too even though they aren't counted to my actual grade?


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a year ago

Hi, assuming you're on Common App, you can just select N/A for credits since I don't think A levels work on a credit-based system. AOs understand how A levels work so they won't disadvantage you for not putting in credits.

In terms of units vs subjects, unless you get separate grades for each unit and take the same unit all year, I assume you should just go with subjects. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by units though- I also do A Levels and we don't have units unless you mean MCQ, theory, and practical.

When I sent mine in, I used my grades from my school reports for the trimesters, and then my actual grade for the final. Again, I assume AOs understand how A levels work and will know that your trimester grades are based on school term tests while your final grade is your exam mark. I think my school counsellor sent in official copies of all my AS Level/ IGCSE marks as well as all my school reports so they have both sets of information either way.

Overall I think you shouldn't stress too much about A level grades not fitting perfectly into the US-based grading system, the AOs know that these things will vary between systems and are unlikely to mark you down for it.

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