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Is the National Student Leadership Conference worth it?

I received a letter in the mail from the NSLC basically sending their handbook and letter saying when to apply and whatnot. Is this even worth it? and will it benefit me in any way? is it expensive?


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a year ago

There are certainly benefits to NSLC- connecting with other students and professionals, exploring careers, and sampling college life. I'm sure the handbook explains all the benefits in more detail than I can in this text box, and if you're considering going I recommend doing a bit more research online to see what you'll gain from it.

But NSLC isn't an activity that will really boost your application, if that's a main reason you're considering it (which I assume is a big factor, since you're asking on here). It's not super selective- while students do get nominated or contacted like you did, basically anyone with a good academic record can apply on their own. Not to mention, thousands of students are nominated, which means it isn't as selective as some of the most impressive summer programs. If you're familiar with the collegevine EC tiers, NSLC would be maybe a Tier-3 activity.

It is pretty expensive (over $2k for the 6-day, about $3k for the 9-day, and over $5k for the 18-day programs), but if that doesn't pose a significant sum for your family and you're genuinely interested in the program beyond the application boost, then go for it! There are definitely benefits- if the cost is worth it to you.

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