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2 months ago
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Should I Submit 1500 SAT Score to Stanford

I was wondering if I should send my 1500 sat score 790 Math and 710 English to Stanford. Would it be more beneficial for me to apply test optional instead? I am a first gen asian majoring in comp sci with a 4.0 GPA.

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1 answer

2 months ago

I think a 1500 is a good score to send. The 790 Math is especially impressive. Stanford's 50th percentile (mean) is 1510 and 25th percentile is 1460, so your score sits within the average Stanford applicant and will help your application rather than disadvantaging it. On top of that, while your English might not be as high, its still good enough for Stanford (the 25th percentile English score is 700) and is unlikely to disadvantage your overall application.

Basically, sending a 1500 will boost your application much more than going test optional, since it will prove to Stanford that your test scores are on par with other Stanford students, while going test-optional would mean Stanford doesn't have any standardised metric by which to assess your academics.


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