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Common app essay

Is an essay of 474 words ok?

@the_parv_agrawala year ago

I would advise that you have more space to add more value to it. However, if you think it captures all the elements you wanted to show perfectly, then sure go ahead.

@MarvinWilliamsa year ago [edited]

Hi @Jems! It depends on the requirements and how much you want to reveal the topic of the essay. I was looking for an example here for my work https://studydriver.com/police-brutality/ and there are a lot of different options, both 400 words and 700+. You need to do so in order to better reveal the topic!

@Jhona year ago [edited]

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a year ago

Hi @Jems!

There's no fixed word count that you need to reach to be considered good. Since Common App gives you the space to write 650 words, it's a good idea to use as much of that as possible. This is your chance to tell the admissions officers about yourself through an essay, and you shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to do so. There is scope for writing more. Think carefully for some time and you'll definitely get more ideas.

Hope this helps!

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