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Is 6 honors + 6 AP or 8 honors + 4 AP classes throughout high school enough to get me admitted into a "moderate" college

I'm a high school sophomore who recently moved across the country. My previous school was extremely hard and competitive but I was able to fit in just fine. This school however, is really hard for me to grasp. The teachers here are rather rude and unhelpful and while I try my best to keep up, it gets hard to do so without help. We reached out to the counselor and teachers but they weren't very helpful.

In my old school I had a plan set up for all 4 years, with the # of advanced classes I'd be taking, but I'm not so sure here.

There's a certain % you need to get to advance to the next AP/H course and I'm afraid I won't reach that % for two of my classes.

So far if I reach the threshold, I'll have 6 AP and 6 Honors throughout HS. If I don't, I'll have 4 AP and 8 Honors throughout HS. (1/2 AP in junior year + 3/4 AP in senior).

I'm wondering if this is enough to get me into a "medium" level college? T100? As a safety atleast?

While I obviously hope to go to a competitive college (Ivy, t10), I may be a little over hopeful.

Any insight would be appreciated!!

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a year ago

Hi @deys_ly!

Both 6 AP & 6 Honors and 4 AP & 8 honors are good for a T100 college. To supplement that, take the SAT/ACT. A score above a school's 75th percentile will increase your chances. If you're aiming for a T100, you don't need state/national/international-level extracurriculars, but you shouldn't completely ignore extracurriculars.

Hope this helps!

a year ago

I don't think t50 is being too hopeful (based on USNews rankings). Some t50 schools like UTAustin, University of Rochester, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have comparatively higher acceptance rates. With either AP/Honors combination, I think it should be easy for you to get t100. t25 is difficult for everybody, except for highly exceptional students, because of the low acceptance rates.

Also, remember not to compromise on your GPA by taking harder classes. You need to balance good grades with harder classes. Try to aim for As in most classes, some to few Bs, and none to few Cs. Even if you don't have a GPA of 3.7 or above, don't worry too much because t100 can definitely happen as long as your GPA is, say 3.3 and higher, even 3.0 for some schools with high acceptance rates. Your ECs definitely seem very impressive, so keep them up. Good luck!!

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