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2 months ago
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Repetition in Common App

I've written my personal statement (CommonApp essay) on my sense of belonging and desire for social justice work. In my supplementals, I'm exploring social justice themes in a different way, such as the impact my grandfather had on me, or writing about a conversation I had on climate change vs poverty alleviation and effective altruism.

Is this repetitive, and should I try to focus on other aspects of myself? I do think this is the strongest part of me, though.


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Accepted Answer
2 months ago

It definitely creates a narrative for you as an applicant, which is one strategy applicants use to stand out. Provided all your supplements bring some new information to the table, this is a good route to take. The pitfall is repeating things exactly, rehashing personal motivations or ideas, and wasting your precious word count restating something you've already said before! But as long as all your essays reveal a new facet of your social justice theme, you're good to go!


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