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2 months ago
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Should I submit a 1490 to Johns Hopkins even if its below the 25th percentile for the 2023 academic year?

I'm applying to Johns Hopkins early decision 2 without sat consideration for now but I've heard that it's important to submit one even if it's bad.

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@vagetyaass2 months ago

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Accepted Answer
2 months ago

It depends on your demographic. If you are BIPOC (Black, LatinA, or Indigenous) then a 1490 is an excellent SAT score to submit. If you are Caucasian or East Asian it might not be a great idea to submit.

2 months ago

I suggest you should go for it!!

Even when you were applying without SAT scores, your application evaluation was based on the profile that you built up, your responses, LORs and essays.

And as far as i know, JH is test-optional; 1490 is a good enough score and what matters is that you took the test and your efforts to get such score.

2 months ago

maybe use the collegevine chancing to simulate your chances with and without the 1490. If including SAT improves your chances, then submit it.

I've heard that competitive schools often just use test scores as a benchmark or a check box- having a score that's good enough for the university gets you through the initial screenings, but overall, universities would take a holistic approach and look at other aspects with more weight. Basically, being academically talented won't get you into JH- its expected of all applicants, and what actually gets you in are the other components of the application.

Although, I read that the 25th percentile at JH is 1450 which means you're above the 25th percentile. That means that, provided your application is impressive in other aspects, the 1490 won't disadvantage you- since JH admitted a fair amount of students who are at your level or lower.

Good luck with your application!


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