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Stats enough for T50-T30?

This is an extension of my previous post with a new question since I didn't add enough info last time.

I recently moved across the country. My previous school was extremely hard and competitive but I was able to fit in just fine. This school however, is really hard for me to grasp. The teachers here are rather rude and unhelpful and while I try my best to keep up, it gets hard to do so without help. We reached out to the counselor and teachers but they weren't very helpful.

In my old school I had a plan set up for all 4 years, with the # of advanced classes I'd be taking, but I'm not so sure here.

There's a certain % you need to get to advance to the next AP/H course and I'm afraid I won't reach that % for two of my classes.

So far if I reach the threshold, I'll have 6 AP and 6 Honors throughout HS. If I don't, I'll have 4 AP and 8 Honors throughout HS. (1/2 AP in junior year + 3/4 AP in senior).

I'm wondering if this is enough to get me into a "medium" level college? T100? As a safety atleast?

While I obviously hope to go to a competitive college (Ivy, t10), I may be a little over hopeful.

Currently my GPA on a 4.0 scale is 3.6 (using the following pt. System: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0) unweighted. I'm predicting that by the end of the year it will be 3.7 unweighted and 3.85 weighted. My school does use a 100 pt system so that would be 90-91+ unweighted and 93-94+ weighted (my school only does final grades).

Alongside this, I also think I have decent extracurriculars. I've volunteered with a nonprofit for about a year and currently I'm volunteering with it's sister organization (+ I'm their ambassador). I also have small scale organization of my own. I learn music professionally and have certification for each exam I take. I take art classes recreationally, and currently I am one of the leads in my school play (I'm doing theatre arts all 4 years). Hoping to do internships soon as well.

I haven't the SAT yet but my PSAT was in the 90th percentile.

Are these stats (considering either of AP/H combinations) a good start for T50-T30 schools or is that being too hopeful?

One of my target schools that I really want to go to is Uni of San Diego.

Any insight would be appreciated!!


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Hey there @deys_ly!

Your statistics seem overall pretty good, but SAT/ACT scores are usually a pretty big part of your admission chances. Your ECs are also seem very strong. I would suggest using the Chancing Simulator under the 'Schools' tab to calculate your chances at certain schools if you haven't already. You should also be able to look up twenty-fifth and seventy-fifth percentile statistics from colleges to let you know where you stand in comparison to admitted students. Depending on how many AP/Honors courses your school offers, 4-6 is a pretty good number. My school offers around 15 AP classes and 10-12 honors classes depending on the year, and I'm set to graduate with 9-10 AP class credits and 9 honors class credits. It all depends on what your school offers. I'm not sure, but I think the average for an Ivy League is between 7-12, so ~5 is good for a T50 university. Do your best to take classes that challenge you, but aren't so hard that your GPA suffers. You can also look into summer courses at a local community college, dual enrollment classes, or self-study classes if you're concerned about your course load.

Hope this helped at least a little bit. Good luck!

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