2 years ago
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What do I do if I don't know what to specifically write about?

So far, I haven't found the right topic for me. Nothing has helped.

I am a rising senior in a public high school. I am mainly a straight-A student with occasional Bs. I have participated in a lot of different activities and events, but I'm not sure what a good topic would be. Many of the things I could write about are in my activity list in the Common App or they are already mentioned.

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2 years ago

The most common theme going on in college apps is having a central passion for something. I recommend reading some other college apps tho figure the basic structure out. For example, read through this youtube's college apps: https://arpipark.weebly.com (I also recommend watching his videos about it). In his essay, he starts off with a childhood memory which leads into his central passion, sharing knowledge. So try to find something common between all of your activities, like educating others (if you do debate, tutoring, science fair) or helping others (if you volunteer at hospitals and started your own club).

2 years ago

Think about what you really like. DO NOT think about the college application process, and just write down some words. Or if you are os tired about your college application process, how about just take your time and go out. (not in a group because of coronavirus tho, but just take yourself somewhere like a park.) I am a very visual and aesthetic person so I have a lot of thoughts in my mind when I just sit on the grass in a park. This might be helpful for you!

Hope this helped:))


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