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High B's on mid-year report.

Hi, I was looking into the mid-year reports and started to get a bit concerned after I read that mid-year reports can rescind college decisions. I was able to maintain mostly A's throughout my high school's 7 of 8 semesters (have gotten 4 B's). I am scared that my regular decision application for some schools will take my mid-year report into consideration and push for a rejection. To give a bit more context, my schedule is all IB and AP (7 classes) classes and I got a B+ in IB Biology and AP chemistry (one 89 one 88) and I was worried that this would greatly hinder my ability to get into some of the schools I have applied to. This drop was in part too missing a lot of school because of my extracurricular involvement. One of my main extracurriculars involved attending events and meetings almost every week which led me to miss a lot of class time for these two classes. I know it is difficult to say how much of an impact this will play because a lot of factors are considered (essays, extracurriculars and such), but a little clarity would be helpful, especially for a student like me who has applied to some of the top universities in the country (top 10)

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Your high B's will not have a major effect on your college decisions. High B's are still great grades and will not harm your GPA very much, especially since you have a track record of straight A's. Only C's could cause your decision to be rescinded based on grades alone.

A slight drop in grades is normal at this point in your high school career. You are taking a full course load of rigorous IB and AP classes, and your B's are in the most challenging ones. You can also lessen the impact of the B's by explaining your extracurricular involvement in the Additional Information section.

Hope this helps!

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