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How prestigious is the Stanford Summer Humanities Institute?

I am a sophomore in high school and considering applying for the Stanford Summer Humanities Institute this summer. I heard that it is a really good program, but can't seem to find any information online that says that it is good for college admissions or how selective it is. How good really is this program for college and how selective is it? Is it more important than just their normal Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes?

Additionally, I am applying for B-BAY (Berkeley Business Academy for Youth). Even though humanities definitely help in my future career goal (business), B-BAY seems more direct. If I had to choose between the two, I don't know which one I'd do.

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a year ago

SSHI is a prestigious pre-college program and it is certainly selective. It is at the same level as their other Summer Institutes, though it will benefit your application the most if you choose the program that strengthens your spike. SSHI's prestige does not just come from being affiliated with Stanford. It also offers financial aid, and colleges see programs that offer partial or full scholarships as the best ones you can do.

B-BAY is a similar to SSHI in that it is connected to a reputable university, though it will be seen as less prestigious because it does not offer aid. For this reason, I would say that the best program you could do would be SSHI or the Stanford Summer Business and Entrepreneurship Institute.

Hope this helps!

a year ago

I think this is a good question for me to answer as I’m also applying to both of them, and definitely, there is weight for SSHI, and more if you are getting into humanities and applying to top colleges. However, if you also have an interest in business, then I’ll say you should apply to both of them since you won’t really know which one you are going to get into.

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