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How is the current transfer rate from Michigan State comp sci to Umich LSA comp sci after freshman year?

I am an in-state student in high school(Class of 2024). I heard that the application process has changed for Umich comp sci where you have to directly apply to comp sci to declare as your major. How will in-state transfers be affected by this? Is it realistic to transfer from MSU comp sci to Umich LSA comp sci in the future? What college gpa would be good for transfer? What is the acceptance rate for Umich LSA comp sci out of high school (what is the average gpa and sat for this?).

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In-state transfers will largely be unaffected by the requirement to declare CS as a major - the goal of the change was not to make CS more competitive, but rather, to prevent students from applying to other majors just for the acceptance rate boost and later transferring into CS. CS will continue to be one of the most competitive majors to transfer into, but it will certainly be realistic for you to get accepted as a transfer applicant. The average acceptance rate for UMich transfer applicants is 41.5%, and it is likely higher for MSU students since UMich and MSU have a strong partnership.

The average GPA of accepted transfer students is 3.8, so you will want to aim for that. The acceptance rate for high school applicants is much lower than transfer applicants, at around 11%. The average GPA of accepted students is in the 3.8-3.9 range, and the average SAT score is 1435.

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