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Class of 2025 fewer spaces?

So I'm pretty nervous about the class of 2024 deferring admissions. Will that mean there will be even LESS space for people applying this November and January to colleges?


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So I have trouble telling if you are a high school member of class of 2025 or college 2025.

There are a lot of professionals who don’t think it will even affect the 20-21 seniors and there are a small amount who thinks it will.

But if it does affect it will affect the admissions rate of the 20-21 freshman (college) and 20-21 HS seniors and maybe the 21-22 seniors but after that there is likely to be no effect except maybe more test optional/test blind schools.

But more likely than not only the students who applied in May will be affected rising seniors are not likely to be impacted at all. The incoming seniors are not likely to be impacted at all if it is impacted it is the equilivent of a 3.8 gpa to 3.83 gpa near none.

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a year ago

Class of 2025 fewer spaces?

Short answer. No.

Universities won't let other students impact their admissions for the class of 2025. Rice and other prestigious universities have said that they'll have to reapply this year with those who are applying to attend in the fall of 2021.

Hope this helps!


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