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Recommendations of organizations that provide internships for high schoolers in scientific writing

I'm still a sophomore in high school, so I don't have enough experience or achievements to apply for prestigious research programs (I would like to try in junior year), so currently I want to build experience in research, scientific writing, and gain leadership positions. I want recommendations of organizations or programs related to scientific research, writing, editing, etc. with the goal of gaining more experience. I have a 3.9 GPA, 5 AP Classes, decent extracurriculars that I'm still in the process of building/developing upon.


- Remote

- Unpaid internship or any type of unpaid working experience

- Leadership roles available ( basically opportunities for growth)

- Science related

- Not too competitive, but reputable

- Free

- please list any Tier 2 and Tier 3 programs

- Maybe non-profit

I have checked out some student led organizations that are aimed at blog writing (Medicine Encompassed - I'm not sure if it's still active, International Youth Scientists Writer, Project CLERIS, etc.), but I'm not sure if they are beneficial or reputable enough to list as something I dedicated a lot of time towards, and gained equivalent amount of credit for...

I would also like advice on what type of programs or organizations I should be aiming for/applying to currently in order to develop leadership roles and gain enough experience to have a good application for prestigious research programs... Rn I'm searching for blog article writing positions in organizations with growth opportunities for leadership roles, but I am not sure if I'm headed in the correct direction...


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This CollegeVine article as well as this one list internship opportunities that may be a good fit for you.

To find more opportunities, I recommend sending an email to local companies and non-profits about doing an unpaid internship. Include your resume and an idea about how you could further their mission, and they may consider creating an opportunity for you. You can always create your own leadership position too by starting a company, school club, or non-profit.

Hope this helps!

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