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Hello, dear community. There is some issues with my application to the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hello, everyone. I submitted my application to U of Wisconsin, Madison days ago. And recently it emailed me saying that I have to submit a "Final High School Transcript" in order to make my application to be considered complete. But the issue is that since I have not graduated from high school right now, there is no way to submit a Final High School Transcript.

Is it because since I wrote that I am taking dual-enrollment courses from U of Pittsburgh, so the application system just considered that I have already graduated high school(so I am taking college courses)? But I am taking online courses from a platform called Outlier, which will notify U of Pitts to provide a transcript for me. I am difinitely not directly enrolled in the U of Pittsburgh.

Is there any way to fix that? Why is U of Wisconsin-Madison asking me for the Final High School transcript to complete my application(if I do not submit it, they will not review or consider my application)? Isn't this material only asked for when the students have already been admitted by the university? Is there any way to explain this to the university to correct this issue? Thank you very much!


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a year ago

I would suggest asking your high school counselor about this. Also, the only way you can get transcripts is through your high school counselor anyway. It is normal for colleges to ask for a transcript in order to accept your application because they want to see your grades and class performance. On your transcript, it will say that you are still in progress in some courses, so all it is asking for is an updated high school transcript from your counselor. Hope this helps!

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