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How to Improve Application After Deferral

I got deferred from Case Western. In the time since applying and now, I have made some heavy revisions to my additional information, activities, and common app essay. These changes are as simple as restructuring my activities list 1 - 10 ranking and as involved as completely changing much of my additional information section and activity description. The application just reads so much differently now. Is there some way I can resubmit one or more of these materials so that after my deferral they can see my newer, and (I and others believe) stronger, application? If not, besides the essays they ask for, what additional supplementals could/should I submit to help my application? Resume and Cover Letter, music supplementals, code and other projects? I have considered writing a LOCI, but Case already asks for 3 essays after deferring, so I don't know how much a LOCI will help given that much of the new information that makes one so powerful is meant to be included in those essays and they ask for a "Why Case?" essay after the deferral.

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I recommend including the changes to your additional information section and activities list in a LOCI. Though a key element of a LOCI should be an explanation of your continued interest, it perfectly acceptable to use it as a space to update colleges on your new accomplishments and circumstances.

Your LOCI will give you the opportunity to explain any changes to your application that are not relevant to your 3 essays. Though you won't have enough space to provide your updated Common App, resume, and music supplementals, summarizing these updates in your LOCI will still improve your application.

Hope this helps!

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