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What Classes Should I take my Senior Year. I want to Major in Civil Engineering. Answered

Hello Hi, I am a junior in high school. I have decided that I really want to major in Civil Engineering, I wanted to know what classes should I take my senior year for the best chance for preparation to be accepted into a good college.

This Year I am taking: AP LANG, AP Spanish, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Chemistry (Not ChemChomm) Chemistry at my school is considered to be the harder class, Virtual Enterprise, and a Video Production Class.

Since I now know that I want to major in Civil Engineering, what classes should I take for my Senior Year.

I am thinking about Taking PreCalculus over the summer so that way, I can do this.

Perhaps: Regular English, Either AP Physics 1 or AP Physics C (I haven't taken a physics class before), AP Calc AB, Gov/Econ, and an Environmental Design Class Offered at my school.

Or if you have any other class/ap classes you would recommend for my situation. Thank You Very Much. Please Let Me Know


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a year ago

I think that the schedule you have proposed is a great one. If you are unable to take one of those classes, an AP history class will serve you just as well. Knowledge about history is useful when you are studying one of humanity's oldest forms of engineering. Hope this helps!

a year ago

AP Calc AB/BC and AP Physics 1 will be HUGE for you! Those are practically a necessity for any undergraduate STEM work like engineering. You want to gain that immediate advantage against other applicants (and in school work) by proving you are good with concepts relevant to your future career. Definitely take one or both of those.

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