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2 months ago
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Should I submit my 1470 SAT score to UChicago?

Hi, I am a student applying Early Decision II at UChicago. I scored a 1470 on the SAT and am seriously indecisive on whether or not to report my scores. My high school has a high poverty rate and students rarely score above a 1400. However, my father is a professor at a local university and I am an admittedly privileged white female. I know that UChicago compares SAT scores to those at your high school, but I am worried that my score is not high enough to submit.

I appreciate any advice. Thank you so much for your time.

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3 answers

Accepted Answer
2 months ago

As just an anecdotal basis, I would check UChicago's middle 50% SAT scores. If it is relatively close to that, I wouldn't be terribly concerned with your score. The marginal utilization of an extra 20 points is close to zero.

2 months ago


(this is only my personal opinion but I would do this if I was in that situation) If you know that UChicago compares SAT scores to other people at your high school, and people at your high school rarely score above 1400 I would say go for it! Even if you are worried that your score is not high enough, I believe that you should still attempt to get in. You will never know unless you try after all! Whatever your choice, I wish you luck in your college journey!



2 months ago


According to collegesimply, UChicago’s average SAT score is a 1520, with 50% falling between 1500-1570, its estimated the lowest score accepted was a 1460. So the decision comes down to you, I wont give you advice here, just wanted to make sure you have the information you need to make this important decision for yourself. 1 final thing, only 53% of UChicago applicants submit with a SAT score.

Hope this helps, JT


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