4 years ago
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Finding Local Scholarships

I know local scholarships are very helpful if you are tight on financial aid.

Where can I find resources to help me see all the available scholarships around me?

Also, another side question if anyone knows the answer to this: how does local/outside scholarships affect your application? Does it give you an advantage at all? Can I even mention it in my application?


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4 years ago

So unless a scholarship is super prestigious such as coca cola gave you a full ride dont mention it at all (seems a bit arrogant) and the above example is likely to be a national scholarship. What is more probable is an intern/research experience with a local organization/university and ou should list internships and research opportunities.

So a pretty quick and dirty list of local scholarships Im assuming ou live in metro area of over 100k

Faith Based organizations you/family are part of

Im part of a religious minority and there is an faith organization that helps those in need with initial assistance as you can likely tell this is likely need based

A competition by a newspaper or prominent buisness

A school district you never know

If you have a job typically in service industry there may be a national scholarship or aid for employees (taco bells live mas is a prominent one)

Then there are the semi rare alumni scholarships such as a famous person used to live in x city or attended x school and there is a scholarship for the school/city.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification

4 years ago

For local scholarships, I'd recommend you contact your school counselor or organizations near your area. Websites such as fastweb, scholarship owl, or unigo will connect you to scholarships available to larger groups, but rarely smaller local ones.

As for your application, I doubt that they will help your application much, unless they're well-known or offer a large scholarship, since there are just so many out there. You're not prevented from putting it in your app, but it wouldn't be much of a boost.

Good luck!

4 years ago

One good source to find scholarships is scholarships.com. Outside scholarships can positively affect your application, depending on where the money is coming from. It's up to you if you want to include it in your application.

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