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Is it okay to list an EC where you were in the alternate team?

I'm in Science Olympiad and there's thirty students, and there can only be one team of 15 students that competes. I'm new to Science Olympiad since I transferred into the school this school year. I'm pretty sure the ones going to be chosen are the ones who were there last year and are experienced at it.

Is it still okay to list it as an EC on college apps? Is it going to hurt my college applications if I list it?

This is one of the main clubs I've put a lot of time into, but I don't think I'm excelling in it. And considering I'm in my junior year, I don't have a lot of other extracurriculars to help me.


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Consider that you only have ten slots for extracurriculars on the CommonApp and similar limits on other portals. If you haven't filled all these slots with stronger extracurriculars that show 1-2 spikes, you should absolutely put it. Keep track of hours (even if you're not actively competing, such as going to meetings and practicing with the team), this will also determine the strength of this activity. Be sure to explain transferring schools and how COVID affected your high school experience when asked to list extenuating circumstances/additional info. It's too late to join new clubs unless you're automatically going into a leadership role, they're selective, or only offer membership to a certain grade level, like honor societies for upperclassmen. The only thing you can do is try to strengthen what you already have and apply to selective summer programs.

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