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I got a B in a community college class (art- drawing), but I don't know how. This was from freshman year but I'm still going to email the professor about it. Will this ruin my high school GPA for UC acceptance or private colleges? I've never gotten anything below an A in high school, even in my AP or honors classes. Is there anything I can do?


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13 days ago

I don't think so and here's how I know.

1) its from your freshman year. This is a solid grade, and if its out of the ordinary for your performance, colleges will see this as a classic "still adjusting to highschool" case. Its more about meeting the academic threshold at said school, rather than utter perfection. Most people at Harvard, Yale and Princeton have at least one A-, B+ or B. on there report card.

2) It was a college level class. No freshman in highschool should have an easy time getting an A in a college class, and colleges know that.

If you truly feel that you were miss-graded, then by all means reach out to your professor. Its always better to know that you tried, rather than to suffer silently.

Take a deep breath, you'll be ok.


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