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Extracurriculars for an aspiring Film major?

I'm a sophomore right now and I really want to go to a highly ranked college to study film/eventually join the industry as a screenwriter. The issue is, I'm not sure what extracurriculars to do if I want to build that as a strong theme on my college applications. I've signed up for a free, application-based (although I'm not sure how selective) filmmaking workshop every Thursday on zoom, and I'm applying to UCLA's summer institute for digital filmmaking. Aside from that, my extracurriculars are pretty basic, they're:


- CSF (member)

- Best Buddies (chapter president, although the club isn't doing well)

- Tutoring club (member, I tutor a 5th grader in English and Math for 30-40 min every Wednesday)

- Volunteer opportunity club (vice president)


- Writing contests (3rd-1st place in Short Story, Poetry, and Personal Narrative throughout middle school (district contests), honorable mention in Freshman year (nationwide contest)) (submitted to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, not sure if I won yet) (UPDATE: honorable mention on that one, rip)

- Working on a feature film script to either submit to a contest or try and sell (I'm delusional)

I need a big passion project and a few more extracurriculars, I think. Hopefully tied in some way to film/screenwriting, since I want to show that I'm consistent.


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a year ago

A good place to start is looking at TRANSFERABLE SKILLS. For a filmmaker, that could be

- technology, like robotics and tech stuff, which gives good experience and background for for kind of tech you'll have to know how to use and utilize as a screenwriter

- language, like speech contests or writing club, which for a screenWRITER is kind of self explanatory

- acting or theater, same reason.

- leadership clubs like Student Council or class government, leadership and teamwork skills are ALWAYS transferable.

Hope this helps!!!

2 months ago

You mentioned clubs, I would recommend starting/joining a film club at your school, if leadership is available it would look good!

a year ago

Since you currently have a solid base of extracurriculars, focusing on your big passion project will help you more than anything. Demonstrated interest as well as a portfolio are crucial for Film major applicants. Your project does not have to be sold or turned into a movie - simply writing a movie script, even a short one, will greatly help you in the admissions process. You could use your skills to write scripts for community theater plays or produce your own films as well. Hope this helps!

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