4 years ago
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Will not running xc my senior year look bad to college admissions?

I have ran xc since my freshman year and gone to state my sophomore for junior. I don’t want to run xc my senior year because I am CEO of my schools robotics club and FBLA president, and xc takes up a lot of time. I also run short/mid distance for track (200,400,800). I still plan on running indoor and outdoor track.


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4 years ago

You don't have to worry about "looking bad"! You're doing plenty of other things, and it's not like you're completely giving up on sports! You're still doing track, so I don't see why quitting Cross Country senior year will harm your application.

If you are still worried, take advantage of the "Additional Information" section of the common app! Let them know why you dropped it, and considering all the other EC's you're doing, I don't think they would count it against you.

Just make sure to devote that extra time to the activities you care about! That will come across as more genuine and committed, especially while you're writing your college app essays.

You'll be fine! Good luck :)

4 years ago

Wow you are doing a lot, CEO of being productive!!

I think you are totally fine with not continuing because you are using your time else where and being super productive. Plus you are still doing track which an additional sport on your application.

Don't overwork yourself and take up stuff you thin you can't handle. In my opinion the about of extracurriculars you are taking up make you very competitive and you don't have much to worry about (I mean I don't know your academic stats but extracurriculars are really good).

Also as a senior you got college apps to worry about which is basically the amount of work as another AP class, so I would say don't worry about dropping it!!

good luck!

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